Motorcycle Safety Group Launches Year-Long, Real-World Study

Posted on August 31, 2011

A manufacturer-based motorcycle safety group has launched a one-year study to examine real-world safety issues that face riders, report news sources.

The Motorcycling Naturalistic Study, commissioned by industry non-profit safety group the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), will involve 100 motorcycles equipped with data-gathering technology that will provide researchers with “real-time, near-crash, pre-crash and actual-crash information.” The first motorcycle outfitted with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute-designed technology departed the research center last week. It is estimated that the participating motorcycles will cover 500,000 miles during the year-long study.

The data collection technology on the motorcycles includes cameras and recording devices aimed at measuring motorcycle activity that will allow researchers to observe rider’s day-to-day comings and goings, providing a window into the riders “normal, routine riding behavior.” What researchers hope to gain is a more detailed and well-rounded view of the habits and safety needs of riders, with a goal of using that information to develop safety education and other safety initiatives.

The data tracking and motorcycle outfitting will take place in two other locations in addition to VTTI in Blacksburg, Va.: the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Fla. and the MSF headquarters in Irvine, Calif. The locations were chosen because they provide a variety of traffic densities and riding conditions.

As a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, rider safety is something that I am very aware of. It will be interesting to learn the outcome of this study. Through my experience as a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I have witnessed the importance of taking basic motor vehicle safety measures. I encourage both riders and drivers to drive defensively and share the road.

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