Risk of Fire Prompts Recall of Certain Tiffin Motor Homes

Posted on August 22, 2011

In a news release Saturday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. is recalling certain Phaeton mobile homes due an issue with the exhaust pipe that poses a fire hazard.

Subject to recall are 149 Phaeton motor homes from model years 2010 through 2012 with floor plans QBH, QKH, and QTH. The affected vehicles were equipped with 2010 EPA certified engines on Powerglide chassis. The exhaust pipe on the affected motor homes is mounted to close to the underside of the floor, which could cause the insulation to melt, posing a risk of fire.

The problem with the exhaust pipe was discovered after a customer complained of smoke entering his motor home. After the initial repair, other vehicles were inspected, revealing the issue was present in other motor homes.

Tiffin is expected to notify affected mobile home owners this month. Owners will be able to take their vehicle to a dealer where a heat shield will be attached to the bottom of the floor along with an insulating sock or blanket that will be wrapped around the exhaust pipe. The installations will be performed free of charge to vehicle owners.

I hope that no one has been harmed as a result of the issue with the exhaust pipe. As a Fresno personal injury lawyer, I encourage owners of the affected motor homes to have their vehicles repaired as soon as possible.

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