Seat Breakage Risk Prompts Recall of Playsafe Swing Set

Posted on August 30, 2011

In a news release Tuesday, Pacific Cycle Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced the voluntary recall of a swing set due to breakage issue with some of the seats, posing a fall hazard.

Subject to recall are approximately 5,500 Playsafe Dartmouth Swing Sets. The sling-style seat on the swing set can crack or split prematurely, posing a risk of falling to anyone using the swing. Five reports of the sling-style swing seats breaking during use have been made to Pacific Cycle. At least some of the reports included complaints of minor injuries including scrapes and bruises.

The swing set affected by the recall has six metal legs and includes, a yellow plastic sliding board, a two-person glider with yellow plastic seats, two swings with yellow plastic sling-style seats, yellow plastic trapeze hanging rings, and a four-person lawn swing with a footboard and seats made with yellow plastic. The model number for the affected swing set is 22-PS340, with date codes FSD0115AA and FSD0315AA. Both the model number and date code can be found in the swing set’s owner’s manual.

The swing set was sold for about $270 exclusively at Toys R Us stores nationwide from January 2011 through May 2011.

Anyone who has the swing is urged to immoderately stop using the sling-style swing seats, remove them from the swing set, and contact Pacific Cycle in order to receive free replacement seats.

Being a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I hope that no one else was injured by having one of the faulty seats break. As a product defect lawyer, consumer safety is something that I am very aware of; I encourage anyone who has purchased the recalled swing set to arrange for replacement seats as soon as possible.

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