Consumers Look to Raise Window Blind Safety Standards

Posted on September 8, 2011

According to news reports, recent talks to revise window blind industry standards are not up to the expectations of many advocates.

The task force discussing the revisions is comprised of manufacturers, federal regulators, and consumer safety advocates, totaling about 30 individuals. The panel, which was created a year ago by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is attempting to develop an industry-wide safety standard or risk government regulation by October 2011.

Many of the consumer advocates of the group feel that manufacturers are not taking their proposals into account. They have pointed out that on average, one child per month is strangled by cords from window blinds in the United States. Window shades and blinds are often recalled for safety issues, but consumer advocates find that the new products that are being produced still aren’t changing. Currently, the only safety standard manufacturers have is voluntary, set forth by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I hope that this task force is able to come up with a set of standards that will improve the safety of window blinds to ensure that no child is at risk of death from cord strangulation. At our personal injury law firm, safety is our number one priority. As both a consumer and a product liability lawyer, I hold manufacturers to the highest standard when it comes to making sure their products do not pose a danger, especially to children. If you or someone you know has been injured by unsafe window blinds or any other consumer product, I advise you to seek a personal injury lawyer to defend your rights.

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