Flash Fire, Burn Hazards Spur Recall of Pourable Gel Fuel

Posted on September 1, 2011

In a news release Thursday, nine manufacturers, in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced the voluntary recall of pourable gel fuels due to risks of flash fires and burns.

Subject to recall are approximately 2 million units of a variety of pourable gel fuels that come in scented and non-scented formulations. The fuels, packaged in one-quart plastic bottles and one-gallon plastic jugs, can ignite and splatter when added to an already burning fire pot, posing a burn hazard to consumers and property. The CPSC is aware of 65 incidents related to pourable gel fuels, including two deaths and 34 hospitalizations involving second and third degree burns of the face, chest, arms, hands or legs.

Consumers are warned not to try to fix the pourable gel fuel bottles or replace the fuel with another flammable substance. Anyone in possession of the recalled fuel is urged to contact the respective company to arrange a replacement or refund.

The nine companies involved in the recall are Bird Brain Inc., Bond Manufacturing, Sunjel Company (2 Burn Inc.), Fuel Barons Inc., Lamplight Farms Inc., Luminosities Inc (Windflame), Pacific Décor Ltd., Real Flame, and Smart Solar Inc.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, consumer safety is something I am very aware of. I hope that everyone impacted by the pourable gel fuel recall is receiving the proper care and support they deserve. Because of my experience as a product liability lawyer, I know that the effects of a faulty product can range from inconvenience and frustration to injury and sometimes death. I encourage anyone who has purchased the recalled fuel to stay safe by arranging for a refund or replacement as soon as possible.

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