Honda Recalls Over 85,000 Cars

Posted on September 6, 2011

Honda has announced a recall of over 85,000 of their CR-V and CR-Z model cars, according to news reports.

The CR-V subject to recall is from the 2006 model year in response to a potential fire hazard. The possible fire can result when residue from interior window cleaners builds up on the power window master switch, causing erosion of the electrial contacts. Honda believes 80,111 vehicles of this type will be affected by this recall.

The 2011 CR-Z hybrid is the other model subject to recall, of which 5,626 cars are affected. The concern in this case is a transmission issue. The software that controls the hybrid electric motor has proven faulty, by rotating in the opposite direction of that selected by the transmission, when the gas engine is stalled with the battery in a low state of charge. This could result in a collision, for example, when backing out of a parking spot. Honda would like to install a software update in order to fix the problem at hand.

No injuries have yet been reported as a result of the defective parts.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, driver safety and keeping people informed of potential dangers of driving hazards is a big priority for me. I would like you to know that our team of product liability lawyers are here to help you and your loved ones if anything ever does happen because of a faulty car part. Do not hesitate to call us right away if any consumer product has caused you pain and suffering and please come back to our blog regularly so that you are informed about new dangerous consumer products.

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