Pottery Barn Doll Poses Strangulation Hazard

Posted on September 8, 2011

A soft doll, distributed by Pottery Barn Kids has been recalled by the company in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission after reports that it could be a strangulation hazard, according to news sources.

The products subject to recall are the Chloe, Sophie, and Audrey soft dolls, of the Pottery Barn Kids’ Girl Doll Collection. The names of each are sewn into their bottoms. They are all about 17 inches tall. Sophie sports blonde hair, Audrey’s hair is black, and Chloe’s hair is a dark brown color. They were sold exclusively in Pottery Barn Kids, potterybarnkids.com online, and through the store’s catalogs from June 2006 to April 2011 for about $40 each. Total, 81,000 dolls were sold in the United States and 1,300 were sold in Canada.

The strangulation hazard stems from an issue with the hair on the Chloe and Sophie dolls, which is made of yarn. The yarn can form a loop that a child’s head or neck can fit through. The Audrey doll comes with a headband that can also fit around a child’s head or neck. Pottery Barn received five complaints. One of these complaints described finding a 21-month-old child with Chloe’s hair looped around her neck. No injuries have been reported.

Pottery Barn has advised that you take away the doll from the child and cut the loops of hair or remove the headband. Consumers may also contact Pottery Barn to return the merchandise for a store credit.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, child safety and keeping parents and caregivers informed of potentially dangerous toys is a priority for me. Although no one has been injured because of this toy, it’s important to stay informed about product recalls to make sure your child is safe. My experience as a product liability lawyer has shown me that preventative measures can be life-saving. Please visit this blog often to keep informed.

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