VW Recalls Exhaust Pipe Over Burn Hazard

Posted on September 12, 2011

Volkswagen, in cooperation with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, has announced a recall for some 2011-2012 Jettas due to a burn hazard, according to news reports.

About 30,300 Jettas are subject to the recall, which is in relation to steel tips that were installed on certain vehicles’ exhaust pipes when they were imported into America. The tips are made of stainless steel and, when added on to the exhaust pipe, extend past design specifications. The extra length makes a burn likely when a person gets close to the car.

Consumers began to complain about the pipes in July, and upon inspection Volkswagen has inspected them and will begin the recall in November. Consumers are instructed to bring their cars into dealerships after being notified, where they may replace the tips to reduce the burn hazard, free of charge.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, car safety and keeping drivers informed of potential dangers of hazardous products in their cars is important to me. I would like you to know that our product liability lawyers are here to help you or your loved ones if anything ever does happen because of defective car part. A properly operating vehicle is essential to your safety on the roads.

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