Bicyclists Must Follow the Same Driving Laws As Motorists

Posted on October 18, 2011

According to recent news sources, many bicycle accidents happen because the cyclist does not treat the roadway as they would if they were driving another vehicle, such as a car or motorcycle.

A bicycle is considered to be a vehicle when traveling on the road. Rules that motorists follow must also be followed by those traveling by bike.

“A bicycle has to travel in the same direction, it has to stop at stop signs, and not ride on sidewalks. Everything a car can’t do, a bicycle can’t. If you drive a car, you should do the same thing on a bicycle, signal when cycling, and wear a helmet on your bike,” reported a police officer in charge of bicycle safety.

Cyclists can be ticketed the same ways that motorists can, so it’s best to obey the same traffic laws you would in a car. As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I know that when cyclists or motorists are careless on the roadways, tragedy is often the result. Please be aware of other vehicles around you when driving, regardless if you are behind a wheel or handlebars. The Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our law firm hopes that riding awareness will reduce the number of crashes.

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