Bio-Fuel Gel Maker issues the Recall of 39,000 items

Posted on October 31, 2011

According to various news sources, Marshall Gardens PatioGlo, a Bio-Fuel Gel that is made by the Marshall Group is being recalled. The product, which is sold in garden stores, gift shops and even online stores all over the Nation, can allegedly ignite unexpectedly. The volatility of this product can pose as fire and burn hazards. There might be approximately 39,000 bottles that represent possible risk to consumers and should be returned at once.

The company has allegedly received multiple reports of incidents related to this item, a few of them have stated that victims had to be rushed to the hospital after being burned while handling the product. The list of specific recalled items was released, they include both “PatioGlo bio-fuel gel” and “Citronella PatioGlo” on their labels.

Consumers should stop using the bio-fuel gel in fire pots and ship all bottles back to the manufacturer; the company has stated they will offer a full refund to those who do so.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I understand the major risks related to products that may end up being possible fire hazards. Whenever faced with a situation regarding such harmful items, ask a product defect lawyer for advice.

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