State Law regarding Unprecedented Beef Recall to be tested

Posted on October 31, 2011

According to the news, since the prohibition of buying, selling or even holding non-ambulatory animals, known as “downer” animals, there has been a major recall of 143 million pounds of beef in the State of California. Now the Supreme Court is allegedly ready to test the meat law.

The regulation that has taken effect states that the meat, which is derivative from animals held under poor health conditions, should allegedly never be sold for consumption. Although this law is only valid in the State of California, others across the country followed its example and started destroying meat that reportedly came from the same “downer” conditions.

There hasn’t been any recent news related to beef recalls as persistent as the 2008 scandal. The unfortunate case demonstrated that some of the meat we were consuming wasn’t allegedly only coming from inspected sick animals but also that from animals that had become completely immobile without going under any inspection.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I understand that the intake of meat from sick animals can pose as a serious health threat to all of us. By keeping up with the food industry’s news revolving recalls of products in every area, you will be protected from future health issues related to food poisoning. If you or a loved one is the victim of food poisoning, contact a product liability lawyer to answer your doubts.

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