Apple’s Siri Could Represent a Legal Liability to Users

Posted on November 8, 2011

The reports from various news sources have stated that the new iPhone’s voice activated Siri may still get you in trouble with the law. According to the authorities, you can use the gadget anytime, what you cannot do is touch it. Anything that is not hands-free can be accident hazards so as long as the phone is not in the driver’s hands, it is legal for a driver to talk to Siri.

According to the news, it is illegal to read directions from a screen as well; the device must declaim the directions so the driver will only have to focus on driving and paying attention to the road ahead. Although the law is allegedly clear about hands-free and reading free environment for the driver, it might only be up to a judge if you were breaking the law by using the iPhone’s new technology or not.

The representative from the California Highway patrol has stated that law enforcement officials can interpret cellphone legislation in many different ways. Hopefully, drivers understand that distracted driving can lead to deaths and severe damage to other vehicles.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I hope to see more drivers who respect the legislation and understand the risks of texting while driving. Whenever you feel like you were the victim of a distracted driver who could have threatened your life by texting or even talking over the phone while driving, don’t hesitate in contacting a personal injury lawyer in your area.

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