Campaign to Spread Safe Driving to Delaware is launched by Art Forum Students

Posted on November 8, 2011

According to local news from Delaware, thirteen students from local schools who attend to te exchange Art Forum class have started a campaign consisting of the presentation of elements that will fight the temptation of cell phone use while driving.

After an extensive research, the group of students confirmed their theory that texting while driving shouldn’t even be questioned as a major problem.

The effort produced a music video, a bumper sticker, a unique cell phone pouch and a warning ticket. The pouch was conceived so the students will hand sow them during class. The phone will rest inside of this pouch while the driver keeps their hands on the wheels. The acronyms made popular by texting “TTYL” and “BRB” can be seen featured on the pouch.

According to the news sources, “LOL” can also be found on their bumper sticker but it has a different use than the popular ‘laugh out loud’ we are all so familiar with. According to the students, LOL means ‘loss of life’ and it could be the consequence of reckless texting while driving. SmartDrive and DuPont are expected to be part of the campaign organized by the students so the word can be spread to as many people as possible.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hope more people like these students will take the matter into their own hands so awareness can be taken to all drivers in every road in the United States. Personal injury lawyers are always ready to answer your questions regarding car accidents, never hesitate to contact one if you’ve been injured.

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