Cell-phone Ban Alone Won’t Make Roads Safe

Posted on November 29, 2011

The commercial truck and bus drivers are well aware that any handheld cell phone usage is banned. According to different news sources, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration otherwise known as FMCSA put the ban in place by emphasizing that all truck and bus drivers were not allowed to use any handheld devices while operating their vehicles.

Some critics however claim that while this rule may be a strong first step in the war against distracted driving practices, it shouldn’t be perceived as the only step to be taken by the authorities and driving community.  Road education is a real concern among those who believe a cell phone ban alone will not solve the problem, according to an official statement from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

The reality is that distracted driving encompasses not only the occasional use of handheld devices, but also other factors that haven’t even been publicized by the authorities according to the news sources.

Curbing risky behaviors will surely prove to be effective but there must be an extensive effort to educate the entire population about traffic laws and the major dangers of distracted driving.

As a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer I appreciate the dedication of certain agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Education is a noble effort specially when it targets a community that lacks basic safety knowledge. Contact a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible if you are ever the victim of a distracted driver.

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