Children Safety Seat Installation Is The Focus of New Class in Austin, Texas

Posted on November 16, 2011

According to several news outlets, the number of children safety seats being installed incorrectly is alarming. Reports claim that 80% of all seats installed in vehicles aren’t being safely settled and may pose accident risks to children.

Because of this staggering statistics, the Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin has come up with a clever way of inspecting and teaching how to proceed to a correct safety seat installation at the same time. The infant-passenger safety classes will focus on vehicle seat safety for any child going through their first year of life.

According to a Women’s Special Care Unit nurse manager, the certified child-passenger safety classes will be quite important for all parents who are concerned about having the skills to select an infant seat that will match their specific needs. Devices created for transporting infants should provide children with high safety standards and parents should know how to maximize this safety.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney and a father, I see children safety as a major priority in my life and work. Any personal injury attorney will agree with me when I say that education is the key for a safer road to all drivers and infant passengers.

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