Dr. Murray Committed a “Horrific Violation of Trust”, Judge Says

Posted on November 29, 2011

According to the news articles released around the time of Dr. Murray’s conviction, the Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor allegedly delivered a severe discourse targeted at the physician. The judge claimed Dr. Murray had committed a “horrific violation of trust” while handling his patient, Michael Jackson.

The judge went on to state that the mindless dosage of popofol administered by Dr. Murray could only mean he was practicing “medicine madness” and that his behavior showed his hunger for prestige, fame or anything else other than what his sworn obligation truly is as a physician.

According to the news reporting the case, there was a disturbing recording found in Dr. Murray’s phone. The recording itself was perceived as a dishonest act since it depicted his famous patient Michael Jackson during his most vulnerable moment.

After the alleged harsh words, Dr. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after an extensive trial that exhibited detailed accounts of the pop singer’s final hours.

The wrongful death attorneys in Los Angeles have their hearts and thoughts with the Jackson family at all times.

The Los Angeles personal injury attorney representing Michael Jackson’s family knows the family’s dedication to turn this terribly tragic and sad case into an example to all physicians nationwide is nothing short of a stoic act.

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