Fatal Bicycle versus Vehicle Accidents Prompt Discussion

Posted on November 4, 2011

According to local news sources, the Lafayette cycling community along with Officials from the Lafayette Consolidated Government and the Police Department, had a meeting to discuss an initiative that would upgrade bicycle safety to an unheard level in the region.

After reports of three very recent fatalities involving bicycle and vehicle collisions, authorities and residents have realized the importance of road education to drivers and bicyclists alike. Safety laws should be taught to everyone sharing the roads, only after this measure has been finally put to test that residents will drive and ride on roads that are actually safe.

The dialogue with the cycling community and the education of drivers will prevent further accidents. According to the local direction of Traffic and Transportation, the death of the three cyclists involved in the recent crashes have made the entire community very concerned with this issue.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I urge you to be educated when it comes to safety laws. I only hope more communities will come up with safety programs and projects of road improvements so most bicycle versus vehicle accidents can be prevented throughout the nation.

Personal injury lawyers are very familiar accidents involving bicycles, it is a widely known fact that many could be prevented otherwise drivers and bikers were fully educated regarding road safety.

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