Ground Beef recalled due to E. coli Scare

Posted on November 3, 2011

According to the reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there was a recall issued for about 131,300 pounds of ground beef due a possible contamination. News sources say that because a family in Ohio fell ill after ingesting meat contaminated with E. coli., the recall was made necessary. The products listed as unsuitable for consumption include Kroger, Butcher’s and other generic beef items from the Company based on South Dakota.

The reports have stated that consumers that still have these products stored in their freezers should return them right away or discard it. The bacteria E. coli is one of the main causes of food poisoning in humans and in some cases, the health issues may be severe.

As a Los Angeles product liability lawyer I urge you to check your freezer for any products with the codes  D-0211 QW,  D-0211 LWIF and D-0211 LWI and if you do, contact the company so you can get informed about how to dispose of it properly.

If you ever get involved in a situation where your health was threatened by a contaminated product, don’t hesitate in contacting a personal injury lawyer right away. Speedy actions can help you to be successful in your case.

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