Kids Animal Slippers Pose Choking Hazards, Item Recalled

Posted on November 17, 2011

Morning news outlets have released articles announcing the recall of certain animal slippers made for children and sold exclusively at the Family Dollar stores. According to the article, over 160,000 products with the title “Kidgets Animal Sock Top” slippers must be recalled because the plastic eyes attached to the animals can easily come detached and might be swallowed by very young children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that this chocking hazard must be kept away from young kids. The Family Dollar stores chain claimed that there was only one report regarding the plastic items coming detached from the animal slippers however no injuries were announced.

The recalled product was sold during the period between September and October of 2011. According to the article, the recalled items have either a tan lion face, yellow duck face or tan dog face. The slipper size number and word “Kidgets” appear inside of the recalled products. The item code is FD9619108020690611 and may be found printed inside of the slippers.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I urge all consumers who have purchased this item for their young children to return them at once for a full refund. As a personal injury lawyer I’ve known many sad stories of children suffering greatly because of malfunctioning toys. Hopefully playing with these recalled items won’t hurt any child.

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