Mislabeled Seafood Being Investigated by the FDA

Posted on November 8, 2011

According to recent news, the Food and Drug Administration is investigating the much talked about case of seafood species being mislabeled and sold as something different. Reports from the National Fisheries Institute show that the goal is to go through seafood packages allegedly filled with less desirable types of fish that are labeled as expensive and exquisite items.

Officials have confirmed that the seafood trade association discussed the issue in a recent conference. The FDA will begin the DNA tests using over 100 samples of fish from warehouses, distribution centers and imports. NFI says that they will be using the latest DNA bar coding technology for the testing, which involves taking genetic material from each fish and comparing it against all the various gene fragments so they may determine whether species present in the packages match the labels or not.

As said in the reports from NFI, FDA firmly believes that most of the mislabeling happens after the product has left the producer’s facility; they think the issue is at the retail level.  Over 1,000 seafood samples will be tested until the end of this investigation.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I’m familiar with many personal injury cases related to mislabeled products. I sincerely hope that the authorities will come up with the most proficient way of working these issues so less consumers will fall ill because of a rupture of the product liability trust all consumers place in the hands of the companies. Remember to keep the contact of a reliable personal injury lawyer close enough if your health is ever threatened in any way.

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