Power Balance Ruled To Pay $57 Million Dollars To Consumers

Posted on November 21, 2011

According to the news TMZ website, the company responsible for the manufacturing and distributing of the once popular Power Balance bracelets might be forced to close shop and that’s because the recent power balance lawsuit that is getting everybody’s attention.

The news source states that Power Balance has to pay an alleged sum of $57 million dollars to the group of people claiming the company to be dishonestly selling the wristband by promising something it doesn’t deliver.

The power balance class action lawsuit was filed back in January of 2011 in federal court in L.A. after consumers felt they were being wrongfully led to believe the hologram-embedded wristband was a scientifically tested device that would enhance strength, balance and flexibility. Although all of these promises were made by the Power Balance brand, none of them were actually backed by tangible scientific evidence.

The settlement has been reached and it’s directed to compensate all consumers misled into purchasing the product basing their decision on the fabricated notion they would benefit physically from the wristband.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hope that no brands will mislead their consumers into buying something by promising an ideal the product won’t deliver.

Personal injury lawyers always have your best interests in mind when working hard to get the justice you deserve in any case they choose to represent.


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