Software Promises to Block all Cell Phone Activity While in a Moving Vehicle

Posted on November 11, 2011

According to various news articles, two software companies are combining their best minds to develop a software that promises to make it hard, if not impossible for drivers to use their cellphones while driving. The menace that texting while driving and other phone related activities may pose to motorists may be grasping for its last breath.

Reports show that the two firms working on this idea aim to bring the software to government agencies and businesses so any phone related activity might be blocked when the driver is in a moving vehicle.

After the President issued a federal order keeping any employees from using their phones while operating government-owned vehicles, many started to put pressure on local authorities to ban texting while driving but enforcement is still a very hard to keep.

While simple tools for disabling cellphones while in a moving vehicle already exist, none was able to be compatible with iPhones.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I urge all drivers to simply follow the law and keep your hands away from your cellphone while driving. Resisting the temptation can save your life and the lives of many others.

In the case you are the victim of a distracted driver, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area as fast as possible so you may be assisted in a timely manner.

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