Survey Shows Adults Admit To Engaging in Distracted Driving

Posted on November 30, 2011

There are many behaviors that can be classified as distracted demeanors. Handling a cell phone device while driving is one of them but according to various news sources, manipulating foods and drinks can also be perceived as severe distractions.

The great majority of motorists in the United States have admitted to being somewhat distracted while driving before, some even claim they have been distracted to a dangerous extend. A recent poll shows that something like 86 percent of all adults have handled food and beverages while driving and 59 percent have engaged in conversations using handheld devices.

Drinking and driving was another issue covered by the recent survey. Reportedly, a quarter of participants have admitted to driving after having a couple of drinks and a staggering 44 percent claim they have felt drowsy while behind the wheel.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I hope that all motorists reading this post won’t engage in behaviors that may pose as accident hazards in the future. Resisting the temptation can save your life and the lives of others sharing the roads.

Personal Injury lawyers in Los Angeles are always prompt to assist you with any personal injury case related to the distracted driving of others. Remember to contact a qualified attorney in your area in a timely manner whenever necessary.

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