Turkish Pine Nuts from Sunrise Commodities tested Positive for Salmonella

Posted on November 9, 2011

According to the FDA reports, the recall for Turkish Pine Nuts has been confirmed after Salmonella was found in samples from the Sunrise Commodities’ product.

The company had issued a recall for its Turkish Pine nuts before but the FDA is now confirming tests they ran turned out positive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention known as CDC and the State public health along with the FDA are running an extensive investigation of a multistate Salmonella outbreak.

According to the announcements, there were 42 reports of illnesses associated with Salmonella in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York. The FDA sustains that they are still investigating the nuts to see if they can be traced back to the outbreak or not. The lot numbers can identify the lots that might have been contaminated, they are: 27963, 29628, 27713 and 27427.

The FDA urges all consumers to contact the manufacturer if you have Turkish pine nuts in your possession but do not know if they’re contaminated or not. As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I sincerely hope those who have been infected by salmonella caused by the outbreak will have a speedy recovery. Personal injury lawyers are extremely helpful when it comes to product liability cases, do not delay in contacting one in your area.

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