Company Introduces Innovative Tanker Truck Safety Feature

Posted on December 9, 2011

According to news sources, an Austrian company has created an innovative safety feature that promises to prevent tanker trucks from exploding when involved in collisions by filling the tankers up with what the company calls Safeballs.

The company, Technology GmbH, plans to introduce the Safeballs in January 2012. The 30 mm diameter balls are made of multi-carbon nanotubes called Baytubes, which allows it to prevent static discharge within the tank through its own electrical conductivity. The weight of the Safeballs is also another feature that promises to take up only 8 percent volume of a fully filled tanker.

Also promising it how the Safeballs can neutralize what is known as the “surge effect” in these types of trucks, which is essentially the displacement of liquids within the tanker, which can cause the vehicle as a whole to tip over in certain situations.

As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, I appreciate all efforts made to ensure higher safety standards to all motorists on the road. The conclusions of this innovative endeavor seem to suggest that vehicles will be made safer by installing these creative new technologies inside tanker trucks. As a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, I hope that supplying this information will assist motorists in finding newer and better ways to stay safe on the road.

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