Maine Joins National Elderly Fraud Prevention Program

Posted on December 2, 2011

According to news sources, Maine officials announced that the state will now join the national Elder Investment Fraud and Financial Exploitation program in an attempt to prevent cases of elderly fraud in the state.

The program will entail training medical professionals to identify cases of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly during their diagnosis and helping them spot warning signs to that effect. There is increasing evidence throughout the country that those suffering from mild cognitive impairment are especially at risk of having scammers target their retirement savings.

Retirement savings held by those 65 and older account for about $15 trillion, representing an opportunity for scammers to exploit those suffering from cognitive impairment to invest in business opportunities that are sometimes non-existent, an official said.

Those trained in the program will be instructed on how to proceed should signs of mild cognitive impairment be found.

As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, I’ve seen many cases involving the exploitation and abuse of the elderly. I hope this information can help raise awareness about the issue that affect the elderly nationwide. As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I urge you to reach out to authorities if you know of any case involving fraud or abuse of an elderly person.

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