Sanyo Recalls Microwaves Due to Shock Hazard

Posted on January 27, 2012

It’s been reported that Sanyo has announced a recall of certain of its microwave products that were sold in the UK and Ireland between March 2010 and January 2012.  Affected models are the black EM-C8787B UK2 and the white EM-C8787W units.  8,156 of the products were sold in the specified time period.  A sticker on the back lists the model number.

The danger has to do with the possibility of severe electric shock in the units.  This can come about because the internal circuit boards make contact with the buttons on the microwave’s control panel.  As a result, users could face a nasty shock.

Owners are advised, as with most recalls, to stop using the product at once.  As a precaution, the power cord should also be unplugged.

Even though this is happening on the other side of the planet from me, a personal injury lawyer in Fresno, I think all recalls are still worth mentioning.  If nothing else, it emphasizes the importance that must be placed on safety no matter where one is in the world.  As a Fresno personal injury lawyer, I would advise paying attention to all sorts of recall information, because you never know when you’ll stumble across something that affects you.

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