Ford Recalls F-650s Due to Possible Steering Malfunction

Posted on February 2, 2012

Ford has recalled 36 of its 2011 F-650 trucks due to a risk of losing steering control.  The trucks, which were manufactured between February 2 and February 17 of last year, suffer from a problem in which the steering arm can shake loose of the steering knuckle and increase the possibility of a crash situation.  The bolts attaching one to the other were not properly fastened.

Ford will be notifying purchasers of these trucks to have the vehicle brought in to have the problem fixed for free.  This will involve an inspection of the steering arm and knuckle and, should a problem be found, the necessary repairs will be made by the dealer.

As a car accident attorney in San Francisco, I know how important it is for every part of an automobile to be working in unison to ensure the safety of the driver and his or her passengers.  When this doesn’t happen, recall alerts are crucial in informing the consumer when a potential problem could present itself.  As a San Francisco personal injury attorney, I might pay attention to these sorts of things a little more than the average consumer, but I think it would be wise if everyone out there checked on recall information on a regular basis.

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