HP Recalls Over A Million Fax Machines Due to Fire Danger

Posted on February 2, 2012

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that Hewlett Packard has recalled over one million fax machines due to a fire hazard.

The problem involves the failure of defective internal components.  This failure causes the fax machines to overheat and subsequently catch fire.

Already seven reports have reached HP of fires breaking out in the fax machines.  Of these reports, one resulted in a large amount of damage to surrounding property and another left a person’s finger with minor burns.

The affected units are the HP Fax 1040 and HP Fax 1050 machines.  They were sold all across the country at various electronics stores between November 2004 and December 2011.  They retailed anywhere from $90 to $120.  Ironically, some of these items were replacements for a previous recall of a similar product that occurred in June 2008.  Consumers can contact the company for a rebate that’s good for a replacement fax.

As a personal injury attorney in Ventura, I think it’s a shame that a handful of these fires broke out before the recall could be announced, especially considering the nature of that similar recall in 2008.  I hope that consumers take my advice as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer and heed the recall.

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