Suit Filed in Attempt to Address Truck Driver Fatigue Issues

Posted on February 24, 2012

The battle for highway safety continued to rage today in the wake of a lawsuit filed by the Truck Safety Coalition, Public Citizen, and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

The suit aims to prevent the U.S. Transportation Department from keeping rules which put an 11 hour maximum driving time on truckers.  Detractors of the 11 hour driving time rule say that such a rule does not properly deal with driver fatigue.

This is the second time this month that the rule has faced a suit.  American Trucking Associations sought to block the rules with a suit filed on February 14.

Originally, it seemed as if the Transportation Department was going to set a cap of 10 hours for a trucker’s driving time.  However, Republicans asked that that time limit be amended because they thought it would cost around $1 billion.

The new rule was released in December in the wake of a settlement between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the same groups mentioned above.  They had successfully challenged a prior version of the rule.

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