Alaska considers banning cellphone use for teen drivers

Posted on March 15, 2012

The state legislature in Alaska is considering a bill that would ban teenage drivers from using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. House Bill 128 would give police the authority to write a citation to a teen using a cellphone while driving, but only if the driver has been stopped for violating a different traffic law. The House Transportation Committee approved the bill without opposition, but the House Judiciary Committee only passed it with a narrow 4-3 vote.

The bill’s opposition says it’s unfair to single out teenagers, and the idea of banning cellphone use while driving is a controversial subject for Alaskan lawmakers. Those in favor of prohibiting teenage drivers from using cellular phones, however, argue that distracted teenage drivers put the lives of other people in danger. After passing through the House Transportation and Judiciary committees, the proposed law is ready for a floor vote. Some legislators say they hope the bill will be a first step toward passing larger scope legislation to reduce the number of distracted drivers of all ages.

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