Alcohol Detection Systems in Cars Could Become Mandatory

Posted on March 28, 2012

In many states, it’s necessary for convicted drunk drivers to have ignition interlock devices installed in their cars.  These devices require persons to blow into a tube that can detect the presence of alcohol on their breath.  But lawmakers are looking to explore whether these items should become a requirement in all vehicles.

The federal transportation bill put forth by the Senate contains a stipulation that $24 million be awarded to research into technology that can detect the presence of an inebriated driver.  That’s in addition to $10 million already invested.  Such monetary sums show that lawmakers are serious about figuring out whether they could mandate that vehicles come prepackaged with interlock devices.

A host of issues could potentially complicate things however.  Groups such as the American Beverage Institute believe that the devices will unnecessarily punish those persons who simply chose to have a drink or two at dinner, as the devices will likely be set to detect alcohol amounts beneath the legal limit.

Another issue involves the potential for failure.  With any electronic device, there’s bound to be a certain number of mistakes.  Without a 100% rate of accuracy, there will be instances where sober persons aren’t able to start their car.

It will be interesting to see if the bill can rise past the objections.  I will be paying close attention to this story as a San Diego car accident attorney.  In the meantime, I simply request as a personal injury lawyer in San Diego that everyone behave within their limits when consuming alcoholic beverages and to certainly not get behind the wheel.

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