BCI Burke Swing Sets Recalled Following Breaks, Injuries

Posted on March 7, 2012

BCI Burke, a Wisconsin-based company, has announced a recall of their 2 and 3/8 inch Arch Swing Sets.  This is in response to seven reports of the swing sets breaking, two of which contributed to minor injuries to those using the item.

250 swing sets fall under the purview of this recall.  The issue has to do with the welded area that connects the sleeve joint to the arch support.  This connection has a propensity to crack or even break.  As a result, the beam that the swings hang from can totally collapse, causing the swings to fall and the children on them to become injured.

The sets were sold by Burke distributors between January 2004 and December of last year.  They retailed between $700 and $1100.  Purchasers of the item are advised to discontinue use at once and disassemble the chains and swings.  By contacting the firm, consumers can obtain a free retrofit kit.

As a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, I consider children’s product recalls to be some of the most devastating because they affect those who aren’t expected to worry about such dangers.  As such, I hope all parents pay attention to this recall so they can protect their children.  That’s why I do what I can in my capacity as a San Diego personal injury attorney to give out such recall information.

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