Gerber Recalls Infant Formula Because of Stench

Posted on March 9, 2012

I see so many products get recalled due to serious health and safety hazards that sometimes it’s almost a relief to see a recall occur due to what basically amounts to cosmetic reasons.

Although it’s not actually being labeled as a recall, Gerber is taking steps to retrieve a specific batch of their Gerber Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula.  Consumers with the affected item will be given a replacement by the company.

The batch in question, GXP1684, has an expiration date of March 5, 2013 and comes in a 23.3 ounce package.  The issue has to do with a pungent odor that emanates from the product and has resulted in gastrointestinal problems and reports of children spitting up.  Thankfully, these are the only adverse effects, and there should be no serious health risk associated with using the product.

Gerber is contacting retailers to get the batch taken off of shelves, and they are advising consumers to call the Gerber Parents Resource Center to get their replacement product.  No other items are affected by the retrieval.

As a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, I look into recall information on a semi-daily basis.  Too often, serious injuries get reported before an item gets recalled, so I’m glad to see a company be proactive.  It’s my hope as a San Francisco personal injury lawyer that more manufacturers continue this proactive trend.

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