MacBook Magsafe Adapter Lawsuit Settlement Awaits Approval

Posted on March 9, 2012

A settlement being sought by consumers of an Apple Macbook product is awaiting approval by the courts.

Plaintiffs have alleged that the MagSafe adapter, which is used in Apple MacBooks and MacBook pros, is defective.  They claim that the item is at risk of sparking, melting, overheating, fraying, or otherwise failing completely.  The adapter in question has since been discontinued by Apple.

The settlement, if approved, will allow consumers to seek $35 to $79 for damages incurred as a result of having to buy a new adapter to replace the old, defective one.  If users of the item have not yet had to replace the item, but it does begin to show signs of wear and tear like what’s described above, then they can receive a replacement from Apple free of cost.

March 21, 2012, is the deadline for becoming a plaintiff in this class-action lawsuit, so that gives purchasers two weeks to figure out if they are eligible.

Being a Riverside personal injury lawyer, I’m sorry to see any products pose a safety hazard to consumers.  It just goes to show that there’s a multitude of items we use on a daily basis that could have hazards we would never even think about.  As a personal injury lawyer in Ventura, I hope that everyone out there pays close attention to all safety issues that might pop up in the news.

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