Mansfield ShopRite Recalls Ground Beef That Contains Plastic

Posted on March 7, 2012

With all the national recalls that get announced on a regular basis, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that local recalls can affect consumers as well.

Mansfield, New Jersey, is the site of one such local recall.  Specifically, the ShopRite in that area has announced a recall of all ground beef products made in the store and put on sale yesterday, including store-processed meatloaf mix.  If the meat item purchased does not contain ground beef, then it is okay, but all ground beef products could be hazardous.  The issue is that the ground beef might have tiny pieces of plastic within.

Purchasers have been advised to check the labels for date of sale and to determine if their item contains ground beef.  They can then return it to the ShopRite to receive a replacement item or a full refund.

In the mean time, ShopRite is utilizing their Price Plus Club system to inform loyalty members of the recall if they’ve purchased the item.  So far, there have been no reports of injuries or complaints in conjunction with this recall.

As a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino, I’m glad to see this shopping market be proactive and try to stop any problems before they can happen.  I think many companies could take a page out of their playbook.  Too often as a Bakersfield personal injury attorney I’ve seen dozens or hundreds of incidents get reported before a recall occurs.

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