FDA Warns of Cancer-Causing Agent in Japanese Diet Pills

Posted on April 3, 2012

Another consumer warning has been issued by the Food and Drug Administration, this one concerning a type of diet pill that contains a dangerous ingredient.

Consumers are being advised to immediately discontinue use of Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills Green.  This item is available on Amazon and other online retailers.  It is distributed by the firm Xiushentang.

The reason for the warning is the presence of phenolphthalein, which is considered a possible cancer-causing agent in the United States.  This item, typically used in various chemical experiments, is not allowed to be marketed in America.  Going even further, the FDA has said that the item can actually damage or mutate DNA, and that it is neither effective nor safe.

Not surprisingly, the FDA is urging customers to throw the item away if it is in their possession, and not to buy it if they were thinking about doing so.  Consumers and healthcare professionals alike are being asked to file a report about the item with the FDA if adverse effects are experienced.  These effects should also prompt a visit to the nearest doctor.

This is the FDA’s latest attempt to curb the usage of online drugs that purport to help you lose weight but contain unlisted dangerous chemicals.

As a personal injury attorney in San Jose, I understand how potentially hazardous these items can be.  There’s typically a reason why they are not widely available in physical retail outlets, and I hope as a Long Beach personal injury lawyer that consumers are wise to the dangers of unapproved products.

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