Undeclared Allergen Prompts Al Baghdadi Potato Product Recall

Posted on April 3, 2012

Yet another product is being recalled from store shelves because of the presence of an undeclared allergen.

This announcement concerns a stuffed potato product made by Michigan-based Al Baghdadi Food Inc.  Specifically, the item is called Fully Cooked Potato Chop Middle Eastern Brand Mashed Potato Stuffed with Beef Filling Artificially Colored.  Each package contains 12 pieces.

More than 5,400 pounds of the product fall under the purview of the recall.  Each package will have EST. 44182 emblazoned upon it.  The items, which were manufactured between August 16 2011 until yesterday, April 2, were available in various stores throughout Illinois, Michigan, and Arizona.

The items are being recalled because they contain soy and milk even though the label does not list as much.  These ingredients pose a risk of an adverse reaction to those who are allergic to such items.  Apparently, one of the firms that supplies ingredients to Al Baghdadi changed the formula that went into said ingredient, and since the new formula has milk and soy, those allergens thusly made their way into the stuffed potato item.

The issue was discovered during routine testing, and not because of any reported illnesses in conjunction with the item.

As a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield, I’m sad to see an allergen make its way into a product, but I am happy to see a recall issued before an injury takes place.  It’s my desire as a San Diego personal injury lawyer that all labels accurately reflect what they have inside their packaging.

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