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Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP
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 205 reviews
 by Janelle V.
Highly Recommend Attorney Nick Yoka!

Panish Shea Boyle Ravipudi LLP did an excellent job for my son's case. Accident occurred August 2016, his case went through multiple attorneys, heavily litigated resulting in low offers, and excessive expenses. The process was exhausting and discouraging. We then contacted attorney Nick Yoka, who rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Mr. Yoka’s hard work paid off and in approximately 8 weeks after hiring him he had an offer which was more than double from the previous offers. Nick is professional, compassionate and an excellent hard-working attorney who gets the job done. I/we HIGHLY RECOMMEND attorney Nick Yoka!!!

 by Glenn A.
Truly Great Attorneys

When something so unfortunate happens as with my father being killed by a company driver it's hard to put into words. The support I received from Adam Ellis and Paul Traina at PSBR was nothing short of amazing. I actually had an attorney to represent me and he was very wise to team up with Adam and Paul at PSBR. They have a successful track record and skills to battle a big company. They had the defense submitting right away. We didn't have to go to court. I received a settlement that was better than I thought and much faster than I imagined. I thought I would be waiting years to finish the case. Paul Traina and Adam Ellis are both professional, knowledgeable, competent, diligent, and skilled but at the same time very supportive and compassionate. I was grieving the loss of my father, whom I was very close to and Adam and Paul both made it so much easier than it could have been for me. They wanted to hear everything I had to say about my dad. It was absolutely obvious they genuinely were interested not just for case material. I felt a sincerity from both of them, very unusual for attorneys I think.

Adam had the case well in hand and knew exactly what to do, what was happening and I was kept up to date the whole way. He was forthright and honest with me. I didn't have to chase him down or call to get updates on the case. I can't express this enough because I have dealt with attorneys that don't work on your case, you have to hound them to get information, they're not prepared or even care at all about the case. This is why I am so impressed with Adam Ellis. He was on it! I felt that what he told me was accurate and I had confidence the information he told me was accurate and it was absolutely spot on. Adam made himself available to me at anytime to answer questions and go over the case. This is not the norm for most attorneys.

Paul Traina, what can I say but if you want an attorney who will fight for you and get results while the same time actually care about you and your case, Paul Traina is the attorney. He was with me through my deposition and mediation. Paul was my knight in shining armor. He is fearless and aggressive. It was like watching a master of his field. This is the guy you want in your corner! I'm glad he was on my team. He controlled the case with expertise. I felt at ease just knowing that he was there for me. I always felt that he really cared about what happened to me and the situation I was going through. Paul took the time to get to know me and really understood me as an individual person, again very unusual for attorneys. This kind of thing is very unnerving for someone even if you are a strong person. Paul gave me new hope that there are attorneys who represent their clients as they should. He is truly a great attorney.

I can't thank you enough Paul and Adam for all your hard work and the great outcome of my case! No one even wants to go into a legal battle but if you find yourself there, I would highly recommend Paul Traina and Adam Ellis at PSBR to represent you.

 by Michael G.
Worked Around the Clock to Bring Justice

Couldn't begin to say enough praise for the team at PSBR. Adam Shea, Nick Yoka and the entire team worked around the clock to bring justice for my case. Will forever look back in awe at their incredible talent.

 by Cecilia C.
Best Decision We Could Have Made

After a long two years of fighting the insurance company representing the person that hit me, my original attorney asked for help. This was the best decision we could have made. Spencer Lucas of Panish/Shea/Boyle/Ravipudi listened to my case and offered his expertise in my type of injury. Mr. Lucas listened and put a strategy together that ended with an out of court settlement. Mr. Lucas and his staff were always available and made me feel like they were there for me as a person, not just a client. Having the backing of the firm and the ability to ask questions of the legal team was very comforting. Please contact them first, save yourself the wasted time energy, and most of all money.

 by Cody Y.
Spencer and Team Gave Me My Life Back

Spencer Lucas and his team gave me my life back. Not only would I trust this team with my life again but would recommend them to anybody in need of justice for there accident. No one thru the whole process understood my pain more then Spencer Lucas and I felt he did everything in his power to help me. The results I got gave me hope for my life again.

 by Roland
So Grateful For This Law Firm

I am so grateful for this law firm. Their lawyers that worked on my case were genuinely concerned with my well being and had my best interest at heart. Words cannot express how thankful I am that they represented me. They are not only such exceptional lawyers but very decent and honorable human beings!

 by Gisela M.
They Are the Best!!!

My trial attorney Spencer Lucas and his whole team at PSBR including Alec Clark and Sharen Ghatan were simply outstanding. They turned over every stone in litigation and won motion after motion in court including in the  court appeal. The defense refused to accept responsibility for my beloved 22 year-old son's death despite their many safety violations. Spencer took my case to trial and watching him work was amazing. The defense could not keep up with him and it was clear they had no chance against our team. Every day of trial the defense offered more and more money to settle. Finally they agreed to the amount we wanted and also agreed to implement safety changes and training at all their business locations nationwide so this never happens again. I could not recommend Spencer and the whole firm at PSBR higher... they are the best!!! I now can live the rest of my life financially secure and can focus on my healing. Thank you Spencer, Alec, Sharen and the whole PSBR team!

 by Carly S.
Thank Your For Fighting For Us

Thank you to the team for fighting hard for us in our case. We worked with Spencer and Matthew, who helped explain everything to us and make a difficult process as easy and pain free as possible. Matthew Freeman was our go to man and was always there to answer questions and keep us updated. Thank you again!

 by Nicki B.
If I Could Give 10 Stars I Would

After learning we needed to file our suit in California, our lawyers helped us choose Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP.

Robert and his team were more than helpful with explaining the process and we were able to settle out of court for the maximum allowable that the trucking company's insurance would let us. Payment was super quick and again the team was very understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. If I could give them 10 stars I would!

 by Sally K.
This Law Firm is Phenomenal

AMAZING!!! This law firm is phenomenal at everything they do. Spencer Lucas and Marguerite Sanvictores were my attorney's, and they were the absolute best, as well as there team. They were really helpful, dedicated all there time, and catered to all my needs. Thanks to them, my case resulted in a successful outcome. They are both fantastic attorneys and anyone that is looking for a firm to represent them, this is it. All I can say is trust the process, you're in great hands with this team.

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