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Las Vegas Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Swimming pool accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. The consequences of drowning-related injuries are often lethal for victims – especially children. Those who survive might suffer permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen. If you or a family member has been in a swimming pool accident at a public, private, hotel, or residential location, contact our Las Vegas swimming pool accident attorneys for free, confidential legal counsel. The owner of the property might be liable for your injuries. 

Measures Property Owners Can Take to Prevent Pool Accidents

Nevada law makes it every owner’s duty to ensure the safety of their swimming pools. This burden of responsibility can require a variety of actions to optimize swimmer safety. While not all pool accidents are preventable, many would not occur with due care from the owner. All owners of properties with swimming pools should routinely inspect the pool for hazards, maintain proper chemical levels, and schedule repairs as needed. Ways to improve swimming pool safety can include:

  • Ensuring proper adult supervision at pool parties
  • Hiring a lifeguard
  • Installing a security fence, gate with a lock, and/or alarm
  • Covering the pool when not in use
  • Requiring a key code to access hotel pools
  • Repairing or replacing broken drain covers
  • Posting signs to prevent slips or diving accidents
  • Installing nonslip pool deck surfaces
  • Having emergency equipment close by
  • Requiring someone with CPR training on hand
  • Scheduling routine repairs and pool maintenance
  • Checking chemical levels often 

Residential pool owners, hotel pool owners, resort or spa pools owners, and those who host pool parties all owe similar duties of care to guests and swimmers. Failure to fulfill these duties, resulting in a swimming pool accident, is negligence. Contact a Las Vegas swimming pool accident lawyer to better understand a defendant’s specific duties of care in your accident, as well as to examine ways in which he or she could have prevented your injuries. Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP can help with the investigation process in Las Vegas.

Your Rights After a Las Vegas Swimming Pool Accident

As the victim or the parent of a victim of a swimming pool accident, review your legal rights with help from Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP. It’s possible that a negligent pool owner holds or at least shares liability for your damages. Other liable parties could include negligent pool party supervisors, a school for campus pool accidents, the government for incidents at public pools, swimming pool maintenance teams, or the manufacturers of defective pools or pool products. Different entities will owe different standards of care depending on the situation.

An investigation of your swimming pool accident with Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP could uncover its proximate cause as well as the names of those responsible. From there, our lawyers will help you file claims with insurance companies and negotiate fair settlements. We’ll make sure insurance companies don’t stamp out your voice or take advantage of you. If a fair settlement is unattainable, we’ll take the defendant to trial in pursuit of a judgment. Our long history of successful case results can give you peace of mind while we handle your claim.

If a vacation at a Las Vegas hotel ended in a swimming-related tragedy, contact us. Contact us if you or your child suffered injuries on other private or public property. We understand the nuances of these types of claims as well as the most common causes of swimming pool accidents. Don’t let a pool owner get away with negligence. Take a stand and fight for your rights with our lawyers as your representation. Call our swimming pool accident attorneys today at (702) 560-5520 or contact us online to start with a free case evaluation.

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